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We found our way. How about you?

Who are we?

We are the team that creates VOZZi platform, united to make some changes in the system of road assistance, using a start up project. Our secret ingredient is connecting differences and respecting peculiarities that every individual brings into VOZZi. That is why we always look forward to every new team member.

We like to solve problems and we are constantly growing. We nurture children´s curiosity and cherish a child in every one of us. We believe that we can become better versions of ourselves every day. Even when we work hard, we always have fun.

Our vision

To make the change and cause chain reaction in digitalization and quality of road assistance service.

To be the nearest and safest road assistance that you can trust.

To be your safety belt that you don´t think of, unless you really need it.

Our mission

We are here to make you feel safe in case of an accident or a car breakdown, because VOZZi is your road assistance. What motivates us is to change the way you experience stressful situations on the road, because we care for you and we want to help you. Our mission is to be at your service anytime and anywhere. Our staff is constantly educating and learning new skills and we use that knowledge to expand our partners´ network. We set standards in developing advanced systems to make driving safer.

What is VOZZi?

VOZZi is a mobile app created to solve problems of finding, using and paying for the road assistance service. It is a digital way of networking car owners and repairmen in order to enable the quickest, most qualitative and transparent road assistance, anytime and anywhere.

When an accident/ car breakdown happens, you are one click away from choosing a service you need and then the user system connects you to the nearest service shop and shows fixed price list, offering a possibility to pay by card or cash. The price list for VOZZi partners is the same in every part of Montenegro.

After accepting the service, the user can see on his mobile phone screen, the expected arrival time of his help and trace real time location of the repairman coming to user´s location. The user can also contact him. You spend minimum amount of time and money and the service you get is safe and transparent- that´s the innovativeness of this system. At the same time, user´s stress level and suspense significantly decrease and that was one of the main goals of the digitalization of road assistance system.

A network of repairmen, including tow services, mechanics and vulcanizers that are listed in VOZZi data base are all licensed, experienced repairmen that are sure to offer a high quality service.

From your mobile app you can buy road assistance package that lasts for 12 months, for Montenegro and Europe. That way you can save significant sum of money, compared to calling for road assistance without having a package.

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